See which validators are censoring transactions

Ethereum Beacon Chain checkpoint sync endpoints

Represent the real probabilities that a validator may experience certain events in a given period of time.

Node Diversity and Geography Dashboards

Compare yield rewards, rewards calculator

Check if a node is up or down

Lists the number of validators across different blockchains

Identify centralization vectors, determine the metrics to monitor, and set danger/goal/target values for each

Aggregate and monitors Ethereum validators belonging to well-known entities (exchanges, companies, pools, operators)

Node Count and Node Geography

A measure of uptime—how available a validator or entity has been to provide network services.

Top validators over time plus distribution and total staked

Consensus and Execution client monitoring

Ethereum Node Mainnet Statistics

Popular Ethereum Staking Pools and their Prysm Usage



Open Source statistics for mev-boost ecosystem

Censorship Latency

Monitor the bids, blocks and latency of MEV Relays.

shows the existing MEV Boost relays and the MEV-boosted blocks of the last 1 day that contained Tornado Cash transactions.

Solid dashboard displaying MEV stats from different relays

Performance of MEV Types

MEV Relays - Uptime Monitor

Some MEV-Boost relays are regulated under OFAC and will censor certain transactions. Use this tool to observe the effect it's having on Ethereum blocks.

Public dashboard of metrics related to the Flashbots MEV-Boost relay and builder

Tracking MEV-Boost relays and block builders

See total number of validators and recently delivered payloads.

Watch this in realtime using the zeromev frontrunning explorer



Layer 2 transaction data

TVL and Bridge stats for L2

How much does it cost to use Layer 2?

Gas price stats and estimator

Recommended priority fee in Gwei

Tracks ETH price, twitter feeds etc

Site dedicated to Stablecoins

Collection of Stats (Dai, Gas etc)

Charts the price of ETH

DAOs are the new companies. What's on their balance sheets?

Where does value flow in crypto?



Dollar Cost Average into Ethereum chart

See how many tokens are unlocked

Financial Statements from protocols

BTC vs ETH Flippening Watch

Discovery Engine for DAOs

DAOs balance Sheets

Dedicated to review the technical and legal status of securities law related to Ethereum

Ratio to compare BTC/ETH plus some validator stats

“The Flippening” refers to the possible future event when Ethereum overtakes Bitcoin to become the most valuable cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization.

Eth Economics

Lists top defi protocols by market cap

Defi TVL, Bridge TVL and CEX Transparency Board.

How much money are protocols paying to grow?



Mentors come to the DAO and submit a training proposal and pick trainees. Web2 into Web3 devs.

Join the friendly discussion with ETH Stakers

Discover Ethereum (available in multiple languages)

Learn how to build on Ethereum; the superpowers and the gotchas

Follow along ETH news on video

Keep up to date with Ethereum every week

Learn Smart Contract Security Auditing

Learn to Code a Solidity App in 10 Minutes

An Educational Sandbox For Web3... And Much More.



See the latest with EIP 4337

Discuss various EIPs to improve the protocol, and support each other.

Follow, debate, and discuss EIPs

Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) describe standards for the Ethereum platform



Great data and analysis on validator rewards and MEV

Goerli Developer Activity Dashboards

graphs showing ethereum gas spent to settle/proof l2 acitvity on ethereum

Ethereum Bridges TVL

Ethereum ETH Staking Deposits

The L2 Big 4: Arbitrum, Optimism, zkSync, StarkNet Bridge Stats

Get an overview of your wallet transaction totals along with gas fee insights.

Rollup operators have costs (L1 data publication, L2 operator costs etc.) and revenues (txn fees, token issuance etc.)

Not a dune dashboard, a cool collection of data links.



Widely used Ethereum Blockchain explorer

Click eyeball to see storage slot names, Very fast

Replace .io part of Etherscаn URL with and get an instant in-browser VSCode editor with the contract's source code, syntax highlighting and search.

Guess ABI of any Ethereum contract, even if it is not verified on Etherscan

VSCode with a custom extension, Browse multiple contracts and interact with them in a notebook-like environment. Watch the video demo here (starts at ~18:30)

Debug Transactions, Optimize Gas Costs, View Decoded Variables

Virtualizing function invocation with trace-level information, see Balance Changes and Simulating transactions

open source decoder of blockchain transactions that is made freely available to the Ethereum Community

Open Source eth explorer and validator stats

A collection of Ethereum Dashboards

A simple solution to remember all the great dashboards people have built within the Ethereum Community.

If you want one added or updated DM me on Twitter.